Bridging the gap between open source software and student-developers

About Us


Our Vision

  • Revolutionize the software engineering training process by heavily incorporating open source contributions into it.
  • Making meaningful contribution to open source projects through innovation and proactive maintenance.
  • Establish collaboration among major tech universities and hubs.

Our Values

    We are committed to:
  • Empowering the student-developers to take ownership of projects and to equip them with the right tools.
  • Advancing open source culture in universities, labs and other partner organizations.
  • Advocating for software engineering best practices both internally and externally.

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Our Team


Asif Mallik

Co-Founder & President

Nicolas Beltran

Co-Founder & President::Columbia Chapter

Saquib Shahzad

Co-Founder & President::Waterloo Chapter

We're Recruiting!

For Fall 2021, we are currently looking for people in the following roles:

Social Media Manager

If you are interested in keeping the community informed about our organization's shenanigans and are social media guru, this is the position for you!


Manage social media accounts.

Send and write a weekly newsletter and blog post.


Experience running social media campaigns on Facebook & Instagram.


Perfect position for those obsessed with aesthetics and design who want to use their skills for doing good. No previous open-source experience required.


Produce marketing materials for the organization.

Help open-source project with their design needs.


Knowledge of Adobe Design, Illustrator or similar software.

Outreach Executive

We want you for this position if you are interested in connecting our organization with the open-source community at large.


    Reach out to professors, research labs, clubs and software engineers to find new projects for us to help with.

    Host events to promote an open-source culture in school.


Being good at socializing and networking.

Events Executive

Help us build a community by organizing fun events like game nights or hackathons. No previous experience with open-source software is required.


Organize hackathons and get-togethers for members of the organization.

Come up with new events for members to know each other and have fun.


Knowing how to use Zoom and other tools for hosting remote events.


Maybe you love coding and want to contribute to open-source projects while gaining hands-on experience. If this sounds like you then you are perfect for this role.


Contribute to open-source projects aligned with you interests while learning software engineering best practices.

Participate in the open-source community by learning from your peers and helping those that need help.


Significant programming experience or AP.

Commitment to learn new frameworks and tools.

Lead Developer

If you've had previous experience contributing to large codebases, are passionate about coding, and are excited about leading people and teaching them all that you know, you should become a lead developer with us.


Lead a team of 2-5 people by guiding them and helping them to contribute to open-source projects.

Contact professors, engineers and other members of the community to provide tutorials for relevant tools.

Technical Requirements

Knowledge of the subject that your team would work on.

Extensive programming experience.

Previous experience working with open-source projects or large codebases.

Project Manager

If you are a meticulous leader experienced with managing technical teams with an eye for detail, consider being a Project Manager!


Reaching out to organizations for issues and open source projects to work on

Defining project goals, prerequisites and assessing possible technical difficulties

Overlooking 2-3 projects

Technical Requirements

Experience in the industry (jobs/internships) or experience contributing to open source projects

Mentor/Leadership role in the past

If these roles look like a good fit for you, please send us an application or contact us to learn more!

Columbia Application Waterloo Application